Our Services

To ensure the highest quality of service we maintain a workable account load with our recruitment associates. Too many firms have their recruiters ‘loaded down’ with search assignments and many are going unfilled. Not by choice but by overwhelm. ProviderStat search professionals have a manageable account load so as to provide the highest level of attention and service to your project. We won’t let any detail fall through the cracks as the search moves along.

Search Assessment

Just as we wouldn’t set out on a trip without knowing where we are going, we refuse to initiate a search without knowing what we are representing. We will obtain detailed, definitive information about your facility and position prior to initiating the search. If it’s determined that such a meeting is better done on site, we will meet with you at your facility and PROVIDERSTAT WILL PAY THE COSTS FOR THAT!

Our Services - ProviderStat

Procurement Strategy

ProviderStat believes that at its core, recruiting is marketing! We use a variety of marketing mediums in our search efforts which allow us to cast the broadest net possible in candidate sourcing. Relying on tried and true methods of marketing coupled with internet and social media based procurement, we maintain constant contact with both active and passive job seekers

Screening and Presenting

Screening is more than an email exchange or text message. Detailed dialogue with prospective candidates and respective spouses is essential in identifying the ideal fit for your opportunity. In the ‘information age’ many recruiters have resorted to “virtual screens” relying solely on electronic media and email exchanges to establish rapport and present opportunities.

Though we utilize these resources at ProviderStat, it’s our belief that nothing beats conversation when presenting an opportunity and understanding a candidate’s objectives. Too much is lost in translation when the only dialogue exchanged is done with electronic media.

Conversation trumps convenience at ProviderStat!