Physician Recruitment Agency

Providing permanent placement solutions for physician vacancies in a variety of healthcare settings.

A service to clients

We understand that recruitment is just one aspect of your job as CEO, Administrator or Recruiter.

Hours of Operation

We are located outside of Atlanta, Georgia. We recruit nationwide so our office location is not a factor in partnering with you wherever you might be located.

Monday - Friday

8:00a - 11.00p EST


8:00a - 12:00 Noon



A source for providers

As a provider, you may be actively seeking a position or you may just be curious as to your options. Either way we can help make your career transition a smooth one.


Why We Are Different…

We believe that physician recruitment should be a partnership. We don’t take offense to any input our clients want to share. We recognize that we are better together. Your expertise is in knowing your facility and staff; our expertise lies in candidate sourcing and procurement. Together we can accomplish the desired placement if we collaborate on our assets. Because of that belief we work hard to make your experience with our firm as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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To ensure the highest quality of service we maintain a workable account load with our recruitment associates.

Search Assessment

Just as we wouldn't set out on a trip without knowing where we are going, we refuse to initiate a search without knowing what we are representing.

Procurement Strategy

ProviderStat believes that at its core, recruiting is marketing! We use a variety of marketing mediums in our search efforts which allow us to cast the...

Screening & Presenting

Screening is more than an email exchange or text message. Detailed dialogue with prospective candidates and respective spouses is essential in identifying...